School Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Children

The Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Social Service

School Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Children



  1. To enhance the adaptability of the children and to solidify their foundation in learning Chinese.
  2. Provide an ethnic-friendly culture, encouraging children to have proper exposure and learning in different cultures, lifestyles, languages and the social skills.
  3. Supporting the children and the family through utilizing professional teams and social resources.
  4. Construct a diversified communication platform with the family in order to enhance the school-family partnership.
  5. To strengthen the ability of the teams in teaching non-Chinese speaking children



  1. Supporting the family and the children through the professional teams from the agency, by introducing the entitled social resources to ensure the family is able to receive appropriate information and services.
  2. Strengthen the teaching skills for the non-Chinese speaking children of the teachers through professional training and skills equipment.
  3. Facilitate the participation of the whole school to consolidate the culture and belief in ’Inclusion’.
  4. Maintain a proper flexibility of the rules in order to facilitate the adaptation of children into the new environment through coordinating the co-learning experience with children in different ethnicss, backgrounds, languages and abilityies.
  5. Adopting appropriate strategies in learning and teaching.
    1. Take advantage of the cultural varieties, we invites family to have sharing to the children about the characteristics of their cultures and living styles.
    2. Teachers will make adjustments upon their ability so as to raise their confidence.
    3. Being flexible in using groups for developments such as big group, small group and individual counselling, in additional to the ‘enrichment group’ to consolidate their learning.
    4. Adopting a high flexibility in the assessment standards
    5. Targeting the needs in learning Chinese, we adopt appropriate strategies in learning and teaching in order to facility a robust foundation through a diversified teaching techiniques.
  6. Develop an effective platform so that the parents are included in the learning process of the children such as inviting parents to join the school activities